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The 2011 Fender® Partscaster Three

The summer of 2011 project. An Arctic White Stratocaster, assembled from original Fender parts.

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The project

Since having done several modifications on my other guitars I found myself with lots of leftover stuff. All I really needed to buy was a body and a set of pickups.

The body

The body was purchased on e-bay and is an Arctic White 2011 Fender Standard Mexican body. This is the same type of body I used for my Partscaster One, which is currently my #1 Strat.

Being so happy with that I decided to use the same specs for this project. Except that this will have a rosewood fretboard.

The neck

The neck was purchased in 2008 and initially used for the Highway One update but I decided to use the original neck for the HWY 1 and to use this one for something new. The neck had already been customized with original Schaller locking tuners and Abalone dots.

The neck is a 2008 Rosewood American Standard Fender Stratocaster Neck with bi-flex truss rod, 22 medium jumbo frets and 9.5" radius.

The Schaller M6L locking tuners and the 6.35 mm Abalone dots was purchased back then from Stewart-MacDonald.

The tuners was aligned and mounted using a "Tuner Pin Drill Jig" also purchased from StewMac (P.N. 4857), since a new hole needed to be drilled for the single mounting pin. The old pin-holes were filled with maple colored plastic putty.

The neck being customized in 2008

The clay dots on the neck were removed by drilling a small hole in the center of the dots and a small wooden screw was inserted and used to yank the dots out with a small crowbar.

The abalone dots were glued in place with black super glue also purchased from Stewart-MacDonald.

The fretboard was then cleaned from black dye and repeatedly oiled with a mix of linseed oil and balsamic turpentine.

Nearly all parts displayed

Moving forward to early summer of 2011. This is all parts gathered. The only thing missing is the pickups.

Since using Lace pickups on my 2008 Partscaster One I ordered the same set for this project: a set of Lace Sensors Hot Gold pickups with the 13.2K hot bridge pickup.

Cavity shielding

The cavities were shielded using the usual method using copper foil with conductive adhesive. I had no 3M copper tape left, which I usually use so I had to use leftovers from copper sheets used for pickguards, cutting it to stripes and fitting chunks. This turned out to be even better and faster since the conductive adhesive of the sheets is much stronger than the tapes.

The electronics

Here are the pots and switches mounted on the shielded pickguard. Still missing the pickups that were on backorder.

The schematics used are my "GoranS seven-sounds mod" described on the "Seven-sounds" page.

The pickups finally arrives

After what felt like a very long wait the pickups arrived, delivered to my door-step from Aamp's Electric Guitar Store in Lake Arrowhead, California.

They were on backorder since they wheren't in stock so I had to wait for them being delivered from the factory.

The apperence is slightly different than the older set I have for the Partscaster One, but it is the same pickups.

Pickguard is ready... be mounted on the guitar.

The 2011 Fender Partscaster Three


• 2011 Fender Standard Mexican Arctic white body
• 2008 Fender American Standard Stratocaster neck
• 22 fret rosewood neck, 9.5" radius, biflex truss rod
• Schaller M6L locking tuners
• Fender Original Vintage Bridge, 2 1/16" E to E
• Tortoise Shell pickguard
• Lace Hot Golds with 13.2k bridge pickup
• Greasebucket Tone controls
• Seven-Sounds push/pull pot for added pickup combinations
• Dunlop Straplok system straps