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The 2009 Fender® Partscaster Two Telecaster

The autumn of 2009 project. A spare Stratocaster neck is to be turned in to a Telecaster.

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A Telecaster body from the Bay

Having a left over Strat neck from my previous projects I decided to make something out of it and start another project, this time with a Telecaster body. I watched e-bay for some time for candidates and soon this turned up on the StratoSphere.

• A 2009 Candy Apple Red Standard Fender Telecaster Body

It was mine for $179 and it arrived within a couple of days. The body was in excellent condition and the Candy Apple Red color is awesome, the pictures do not make it justice.

The body being shielded

The body is shielded using 3M copper tape and sheets of self-adhesive copper foil.

Copper tape is applied from the bridge pickup cavity to the area under the bridge to ensure good bridge grounding.

Callaham Vintage T Bridge

The bridge ordered from Callaham arrived on September 14.

It's a vintage style Tele bridge with vintage compensated brass saddles for correct intonation. The finish is superb and the excellent craftsmanship really shows.

The final parts

The remaining parts was ordered from Guitar Part Resource and they was delivered 13 October 2009 and the final assembly immediately begun. Parts ordered:

• '52 Tele 1 Ply Black Pickguard - P.N. 099-2019-000
• Original Vintage Tele Control Plate - P.N. 099-2058-100
• Fender Noiseless Tele Pickup set P.N. 099-2116-000
• Custom Shop 4-Way Tele Switch - P.N. 099-2250-000
• Two Original Fender Solid Shaft 250 K Pots - P.N. 099-0831-000
• A set of Original Vintage Tele Dome Knobs - P.N. 099-2056-000
• Am Std "Fender Corona" Neck Plate - P.N. 099-1446-100
• A square foot of copper foil for the shielding

All original Fender parts except for the copper foil.

Mounting the brigde pickup

The Fender Noiseless pickup set came with slotted mounting screws and rubber tubing's, which I of course used. The pictures show the bridge and its pickup being mounted.

The neck pickup

Since using the 4-way switch with the option of wiring the two pickups in series the neck pickup needed modifying. The ground lead for the coil needs to be isolated from the ground and a separate ground wire for the metal cover was added.

The pickguard was shielded using the copper foil and since it had a '52 5-hole pattern and no holes for the pickup screws I drilled the 3 extra mounting holes for the 8-hole pattern and the holes for the pickup screws.

The electronics

For the electronics I chose to use a 4-way switch, a volume control with treble bleeder and a greasebucket tone control.

The Assembly finished

The Telecaster is finished, stringed up and taken for a test-ride.

The neck originally used was the Highway One Strat neck, which was refretted and re-dotted. This was soon to be changed...

The 2009 Tele-Partscaster Two

The original set-up, consisting of mainly Fender original parts.

• 2009 Fender Fender Standard Mexican Candy Apple Red body
• 2005 Fender Highway One Stratocaster neck, re-fretted and re-dotted
• Fender 1 ply black '52 pickguard, modified
• Callaham Vintage-T bridge with vintage compensated brass saddles
• Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups
• Fender F-logo Locking Tuners
• Custom Shop 4-way switch
• Volume control with treble bleeder
• Greasebucket Tone control
• Electrosocket Jack Mount with Switchcraft output jack
• Dunlop Straplok system straps

The 2011 update - New neck

My Telecaster deserved a real Telecaster neck... Said and done!

A Fender American Standard maple Telecaster neck was purchased from e-bay. It is a mint condition Fender original, C-shaped, 9.5" radius, 22 medium jumbo fret neck with a bi-flex truss rod system. Just what the doctor ordered. :)

The Highway One neck was transferred back to its original body, freeing the neck currently in its place. Having a spare neck I now had the opportunity to launch a new project; the Partscaster Three.

The 2011 update - New pickups

Already when getting the body I though of getting a P-90 neck pickup since it was routed to fit. The though of a P-90 did not leave my mind so I had to do it. :)

I also ordered a custom pickguard from Warmoth.

The new pickups:
• Seymour Duncan P-90 Stackฎ for the neck
• Seymour Duncan Little '59 for the bridge

The 2011 update - The complete update

The 2011 update in detail.

• 2009 Fender Standard Mexican Candy Apple Red body
• 2011 Fender American Standard Telecaster maple neck
• Warmoth brown shell pickguard
• Callaham Vintage-T bridge with vintage compensated brass saddles
• Seymour Duncan P-90 Stackฎ neck pickup
• Seymour Duncan Little '59 bridge pickup
• Fender F-logo Locking Tuners
• Custom Shop 4-way switch
• Volume control with treble bleeder
• Greasebucket Tone control
• Electrosocket Jack Mount with Switchcraft output jack
• Dunlop Straplok system straps