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The 2005 Fender® Highway One Update

The summer of 2009 project. A custom painted Stratocaster Highway One.

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The Guitar - The body

A 2005 Highway One that I really never bonded with. Never liked the finish. So in late summer of 2008 I sat myself in a chair in the sun a couple of afternoons and scraped of the finish by hand.

The tortoise pickguard with Lace Sensor Hot Gold's and the seven-sound mod was moved to my 2008 Partsocaster I that was the ongoing project, where it fitted nicely.

Body decorating

The decorating of the body was made by a friend of mine, John, who is very skilled doing artwork. Here's a bunch of pictures showing work in progress on a sunny Saturday afternoon in May 2009.

The first step was to apply a layer of "Chrome effect" for that metal look. Then the finish was "aged" using several techniques to get an illusion of rusty metal.

Almost ready

Here's the body almost done. The last step before the clear coat was to apply some "crackle lacquer" making the paint look crackled.

The pictures does not show the last step since we was to busy to photograph doing the crackles...

Back from the clear coating

The dried decorated body was handed over to a skilled guy at a paint shop who applied the clear coat. Twelve thin layers of polyurethane finish were applied to get the glossy look.

The neck - Abalone dots installed

The dots being used are the 6.35 mm (1/4") abalone dots from Stewart-MacDonald.

The dots are inserted using the thumb fingernails and the gently tapped in level using a pin punch and a hammer. They are glued using black super glue.

Refretting the neck

To be able to do a fret job I ordered the Essential Fretting Tool Kit from Stewart-MacDonald along with a pack of jumbo frets (0150) and some additional setup tools. It was shipped by DHL and delivered within two days to Sweden.

Here's a series of pictures showing some of the steps.

Pickguard and parts

• Fender Antigua pickguard - P.N. 008-0232-000
• Fender Corona neck plate, chrome - P.N. 099-1448-100
• Fender Vintage Bridge w 2 1/16" string space, 2 3/32" mounting space
• Fender 5-Way Super Switch - P.N. 099-2251-000
• Fender 250K split shaft pots (2) - P.N. 099-0830-000
• Fender 250K Push/Pull pot - P.N. 099-2257-000
• Fender Aged Strat Knobs - P.N. 099-1369-000
• Fender Jack Ferrule for Strat, chrome - P.N. 099-1940-100

Pickguard and parts, cont...

• Fender Hot Noiseless Pickups - P.N. 099-2105-000
• Fender Pickguard Screws - P.N. 099-4923-000
• Aftermarket 1-ply black back plate - P.N. PG-0576-023
• Switchcraft USA 1/4" Mono Jack - P.N. EP-0055-000
• Dunlop Straplok in gold - P.N. SL1034G

The pickguard were assembled using Alpha-Wire AWG22 PFTE insulated wire and metal-film resistors. The pickups was mounted with Fender pickup screws and stainless springs. My "seven-sounds" schematics described on a dedicated page on this site were used.

Cavity shielding

The cavities of the body are shielded using sheets of adhesive copper foil and 3M copper tape with conductive adhesive. For the bottom of the cavities I cut out pieces of copper sheets and for the walls I use the tape. When taping I use as long continuous tape pieces as possible to minimize resistance.

The pickguard is shielded using a large piece of adhesive copper foil as shown in the pictures above.

Neck closeup

Pictures - indoors

The color of the body and pickguard is very hard to catch. Different light conditions and the cameras inability to make a good white balance play tricks. It's impossible (with my equipment) to catch the true color of the guitar.

To somewhat compensate I've taken photos both indoors and outdoors. Neither one of them shows the real shine of the finish, but the tone of the colors is best represented by the indoor shots.

Outdoor pictures

A series of pictures taken outdoors.

The finished guitar

The updated and refinished 2005 Fender Highway One.


• Custom Painted; theme "Preserved Decay"
• 22 fret rosewood neck, 9.5" radius, Abalone dots
• Fender Antigua pickguard
• Fender Hot Noiseless pickups, aged cream
• Fender Vintage Bridge, 2 1/16" E to E, 2 3/32" mounting space
• Seven-Sounds push/pull pot for added pickup combinations
• Greasebucket Tone controls
• Fender Locking Tuners
• Dunlop Straplok system straps

Mostly genuine Fender parts was used.