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The GoranS Seven Sound Mod for the
Fender® Stratocaster®

The story about the Seven Sound Mod Project conducted April 7, 2008, driven by the ongoing quest for Cool Sounds
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GoranS-mod schematics

The most common way to achieve the N+B and N+M+B combinations is to install a mini toggle that turns on the neck (or bridge) pickup in parallel with the 5-way pickup selector. The downside of doing this is that you alter the appearance by installing the switch, you get duplicate combinations when activated and the tone controls both get activated, with confusing result.

What I wanted was a scheme with a controllable tone control layout, ease of use, and no visible extra controls. A push/pull potentiometer and a Fender Super switch would do the trick. And after some sketching I came up with this;

By just altering the 2 and 4 selector switch positions when the push/pull switch is engaged I get an easier to remember selector switch layout and access to the three most used single pup positions at all times. When using the super switch it is also possible to tailor the layout of the two tone controls without any "both-on" position.

The rats nest

The push/pull potentiometer was prewired before installation. The potentiometer section was wired as a "grease-bucket" tone control, and five wires were soldered to the switch section.

The super switch and the push/pull was mounted to the pickguard. For the mounting of the push/pull I had a brass bushing done for it to fit in the larger hole, and to make some distance for the knob to get flush with the pickguard in the down position.

A couple of jumpers were soldered to the super switch and then the five wires from the push/pull switch, two wires from the tone controls and the three pickup wires were soldered in place.


Knobs out

The push/pull knob in its outer position, in its inner position it is flush to the pickguard.

To be able to "get a grip" I mounted the tone knob on my electric drill and cut a slot in the knob using a .052" Norman nut file. A yellow color code ring for a Switchcraft XLR connector was glued in the slot to get an even better grip.

The Sounds

Neck + Bridge the sound produced could best be described as a "Tele-twang"-type of sound. A high bite with great definition when doing chord-work, and a very useful lead sound.

Neck+Middle+Bridge, now we're talking major QUACK...

Two new very useful sounds was added to the existing palette of sounds.